HORSEPOWER Engineering Australia 


Horsepower Engineering Australia are the sole Importers and Distributors for KENNEBELL products for Australia/NZ. 

We carry a range of KENNEBELL components and spares, and handle all warranty claims in conjunction with KenneBell USA.


Buyers Beware:  There are some Companies in Australia who claim to be the Australian Distributors for KenneBell USA.  We have been made aware of these Companies from early 2016. We have investigated their claims on said advertised kits that they are offering.
Neither we or KenneBell in the USA deal with these companies!
KenneBell USA are 'NOT' supporting or directly supplying these companies, and neither do we.
We cannot, and KenneBell USA cannot,  guarantee the authenticity of these company's products.  
Please use discretion before purchasing any KenneBell products from companies who are not backed by KenneBell USA. 
If you would like more information, use our online contact form or contact KenneBell USA directly during their business hours.


FPV 335 5.0L KENNEBELL 2.6L upgrade kit on BP98.

Boss 5.4L KENNEBELL 2.6L Supercharger kit

Boss 5.4L BA-BF E85 Tune


Customer Videos



Promotion Car


Jims Immaculate GT Dyno run


The Menace


Daniel Otways Dyno run


KenneBell Manual Shift




















We also do Patrol GQ GU Massive Water to Air Intercooler kits.

GQ GU Patrol Intercooler utilising our big 1" inch water lines

GQ GU Patrol Massive Water to Air Intercooler kit

GQ GU Patrol Water to Air Intercooler kit running 22psi boost.