All prices include GST.  

Australia Express Postage costs are determined on the total weight being shipped.

Up to 3kg = $20.  Up to 5kg = $25.


Boost A Pump.                          

Fuel Pump Controllers.

Dual & Single channel units.

Info here.....   


Standard BAP AU$595.00

Mustang Plug-N-Play AU$655.00

Naturally aspirated AU$655.00.

For use with all blown or Turbo engines, including the Barra 6, 5.0L Supercharged Ford Falcon, XR6 Turbo, XR8.

Mustang 5.0L Specific kits.

Can control up to 2 Pumps using the dual channel units.  40Amp max load rating, hob switch activation, 17.5Volt and 21Volt (Race only) units available.








Boost A Spark.                          

Ignition Boosters.

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 Starting from AU$595.00

For use with HIGH BOOST applications.  Never run out of Spark again, maintain a generous Spark  plug Gap for efficient Burn.








Pulley Tools  

Drive Accessories


 Pulley 6 Rib AU$185.00

 Pulley 8 Rib AU$205.00

 3.6LC & up Pulleys. POA

 Pulley Tools AU$55.00

 M12 Pulley bolts AU$30.00

 Drive Green couplers AU$30.00



 Supercharger Drive  





  Rebuilds starting from AU$175.00










Boss 5.4L 260/290

Cylinder head coolant

X-Over kits.


Full kits only AU$170.00


Boss 5.4L 260/290

Supercharger Drive


Heavy duty 6 Rib.

HD Belts only AU$150.00


FPV 335 / Mustang

5.0L Coyote Miami

Intake Insulation


Full kit only AU$175.00


KenneBell Stickers.

Replacements or

Special order.


From AU$10.00

Full car sides available. POA



BIGUN Dual 106mm Cable operated

or Drive-By-Wire throttle bodies.

Standard or with Custom Alloy flanges  

for Custom fabrication..   


more accessories to follow..............   


GT500, FPV 5.4L, XR8 5.4L, or Custom Throttle Body for turbo project.  Maximum air flow and easy to tune over Oval throttle bodies.

Massive 110mm diameter butterfly vs stock 80mm units.

DBW for above models only. 

(Note: Larger bolt pattern needed)

Just fit your electrics up and go!

Largest DBW Round throttle body on the market, heaps more flow then the Ford Racing M95mm TB.