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KenneBell Superchargers FAQ


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Australian Specific FAQ


Q. How much boost can our Australian 5.4L engine take in standard configuration?

A. 10 - 11 Psi maximum, which will yield around the 400rwkw power (BP98).  Any more than this, you are on borrowed time regarding engine durbility.


Q. How much boost can the Australian Ford FG 5.0L Coyote engine take in standard configuration?

A.  We take these to 15 Psi boost with standard internals, some tuning shops have gone even higher.  We pulley our kits for 15psi boost, which yield around the 500rwkw power (BP98).


Q.  I have a Holden 5.7L engine, do you do a kit for this engine?

A. No, KenneBell USA discontinued the 5.7L kits some time ago.


Q. Can you supply a supercharger kit for my Holden 6.0L LS3?

A. Yes we can, we utilize the Kennebell LS3 Camaro kits.  We can offer supercharger sizes from the 2.8L right up to the all new 4.9L units.


Q. I've got a built motor and want a Larger Throttle body.  Do you have larger units I can use?

A. Yes we do. We have our all new  Ford 110mm single DBW units available, as well as all Throttle body upgrades from Kennebell USA, including their BIGUN Twin 106mm 3800cfm TB.


Q. Why should I buy a Kennebell supercharger kit, when other kits I can buy state they make more power?

A. All our kits are power rated at the rear tyres (rwkw), NOT engine power which most kit manufactures state.


Q. I have a Project Car or Boat, and want to supercharge it.  Can you custom make a kit for us?

A. YES (in most cases), as long as the engine is fuel injected, we should be able to sort you out with a running combination using a Kennebell supercharger. Hardware to suit from 500hp up to 2000hp.