Ford 5.0L FPV 335 KENNEBELL Supercharger kits



The most powerful supercharger kits offered in Australia for these engines.

Most efficient twin screw supercharger in the world.

Available as a supercharger upgrade to replace the standard 1.9L baby Eaton blower, or in a complete intercooled kit with all hardware.

These kits WILL outperform any other kit on the market, and the only affordable supercharger upgrade for the FPV 335.

500rwkw+ on stock engine.  750+rwkw capable!

Easy to follow installation instruction manual.

2.6L / 2.8HLC / 3.2HLC Liquid Cooled Superchargers available.

All new massive rear inlet and plenum lid supplied.

So don't risk damage by spinning your baby 1.9L Eaton with new drive snouts, just do it right first time, and upgrade to our KenneBell Supercharger for outstanding results.



2.6L Supercharger Upgrade Kits only AU$6,995.00 GST included.

(2.6L recommended for up to 18psi boost, Stock engine NO more than 15psi max)


2.8 - 3.2HLC (Liquid Cooled Superchargers)  Upgrade AU$7995.00 GST Included.

(2.8L recommended for 18+ psi boost, recommended for built engines)


Full Intercooled 2.6L Supercharger Upgrade kits only AU$10,995.00 GST included.

Full Intercooled 3.2HLC Supercharger kits only AU$11,995.00 GST included.

(Injectors, fuel pump and tune needed to complete kits.)


All kits add $180 for packaging and shipping.


Optional 110mm DBW Throttle body and intake shown.




FPV 335 5.0L KENNEBELL 2.6L upgrade kit on BP98.

FPV 335 Coyote KENNEBELL 3.6LC in polished modified for Aussie engine

FPV 335 With American based Coyote 2.8HLC kit, modified to suit Aussie engine

Kits Optional with our all new 110mm DBW Throttle body and new intake tube for the factory 5.0L configuration. 

Picture comparing standard 5.0L throttle body to our all new 110mm.

Add $850 to kit price for this option.