Ford 5.0L Mustang KENNEBELL Supercharger kits

Superchargers range in size from 2.8L / 3.2HLC / 3.6HLC / 4.2HLC / 4.7HLC.

For stock 5.0L engines, we recommend the 2.8L size only.

All KenneBell MUSTANG Supercharger kits come with a comprehensive installation manual, which is easy to follow.  This means you don't need to pay a workshop $$$$ to fit your kit.

The kit comes with a fully Calibrated Custom tune, with Flash Tuner box included.

Yes, Fuel Injectors are also included.  You DON'T need to pay extra to purchase a Flash Tuner, or Extra for a Custom tune, it's all included in the kit.  This saves you up around the $2000 mark that would normally be applied to our oppositions kits!


It's Simple. Fit the kit as per the Install manual, Flash the KenneBell Calibrated tune to your car, hit the starter, and Drive!  You don't need the middle man (Tuner) for our kits.

KenneBells tune is so good, the car drives like standard when cruizing around.

Hit the throttle, and all 'Hell is Unleashed'.  

Other Mustang Tunes are hard to get drivability for normal driving around town. We hear reports of cars surging and stalling, which gets very annoying.  

The KenneBell tune is PERFECT, and tuned very safe for durability.



5.0L Mustang Kits starting from AU$12,300.00 +GST.

*Price dictated by USA dollar Conversion.






Ford 5.4L Mustang KENNEBELL Supercharger kits.

For all imported GT500 engine configurations.






2.8L Supercharger Kit with ONLY 9psi Boost on 98Ron Fuel.





Emissions Testing Done and signed off using the Supplied Calibrated KenneBell Tune

using pump 98 Unleaded Fuel.




For the complete range of superchargers to suit the Australian Mustang, please refer to Kenne Bells website in the USA.

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