GM Holden KENNEBELL Supercharger kits

KenneBells range of Camaro supercharger kits are what we use for our Australian GM Holden/HSV kits.  For the complete range of superchargers to suit the Camaro, please refer to Kenne Bells website in the USA.


click here GM Holden / Camaro


Superchargers range in size from 2.8L / 3.2HLC / 3.6HLC / 4.2HLC / 4.7HLC.

Slight modifications of the USA kits are required to fit into the Australian engine bay.

We can assist with these modifications and/or advise on the neccessary mods.


Kits starting from AU$12,990.00 GST included.

*Price dictated by USA dollar Conversion.




Kennebell 3.6LC with customers custom intake.



3.6LC on 7.0L stroker LS3 running 24lb boost.